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Im From New Jersey - табы песни

Im From New Jersey

From [email protected] Fri Apr 18 10:47:55 1997
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 97 18:57:00 PDT
Frot ( тексты песен и аккорды на ficd.ru ): "Dowd, Michael"
To: "'smtp: [email protected]'"
Subject: chord submission

This is a song (Texts of songs ) by John Gorka off of his "Jack's Crows" album that I would
like you to post.

I'm From New Jersey
there is one chord in here that i think is a B something, i haven't been
playing for very long so i don't know what it is, i just know that it sounds
right. when it comes up i'll indicate it w/ an asterisk (*).

* = x20032

the progeression for the main verses is this:
D * D G A
and the progression for the bridge is :
C Bm A G Bm A
and then back into the verses.
so it is something like this.
D * D G A


Im from New Jersey.

I don't expect too much.

If the world ended today, I would adjust.


I'm from New Jersey, no I don't talk that way
I watched too much TV when I was young

I'm from New Jersey. My mom's Italian.
We've read those mafia books, we don't belong.
and the bridge would be

There are girls from New Jersey

Bm A
Who have that great big hair

They're found in shopping malls

Bm A
I will Take you there

(repeat intro)

Im from New Jersey. It's not like Texas.
There is no mystery, I can't pretend.

I'm from New Jersey, it's like Ohio,
But even more so. Imagine that.

(bridge #2)

I know which exit, and where I'm bound,
Tolls on the Parkway they will slow you down.

(back to main chords)

New Jersey people, they will surprise you,
Cause they're not expected to do too much.

They will try harder, they may go further,
They never think that they are good enough.

I'm from New Jersey, I don't expect too much.
If the world ended today I would adjust.

I would adjust

I would adjust

as for this song (Texts of songs ), i have to give credit to my friend neil who figured it
out. then he taught it to me. this was the first song (Texts of songs ) i learned how to play.

Michael Dowd
The Washington Post - News Administration
[email protected]

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